Fluid Transfer Services

Big Bear Energy Services is pleased to offer a complete range of Fluid Management Services to customers in the Oil and Gas Industry located in Western Canada. We operate our fluid transfer services out of our main shop in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Our Central Alberta location allows us to provide financially efficient, smart and environmentally friendly fluid management services to all of our customers.

Complete Range of Services

  • Pipeline & Fluid Transfer
  • Frac Water Transfer
  • Fluid Transfer
  • Above Ground Water Transfer / Below Ground Water Transfer
  • Emergency Dewatering
  • Municipal Dewatering – See what we did!
  • Waste Water Treatment Transferring – See what we did!
  • Sourcing Water
  • Above Ground Temporary Water Line
  • Remote Access
  • Power Spooler / Deployment System
  • Truck Transferring / Loading & Unloading Stations
  • Fluid Heating Services – When there is a risk of cold weather fluid transferring

At Big Bear Energy Services, we have taken the “Cradle to the Grave” approach to our Fluid Management Services. Our qualified Western Canada Water Transfer Division has the experience and ability to provide all aspects of Fluid Management; from sourcing water, obtaining permits, arranging the logistics of the fluid transfer, as well as heating and transferring fluid on location come frac time or on the fly.

Trucking Transfer Services

When water transferring services are not feasible, and trucking of the water must be used, we can set up loading & unloading stations for transfer trucks. Our Fluid Management Crews are experienced with loading and unloading trucks at our transfer stations. Because we are able to increase the efficiency of the transfer station process, the trucks are able to spend more time on the road, and less time idling.

Fluid Management Fleet

  • Diesel Self Priming Pumps c/w Emergency Shut Off (Trailer Mounted): 2″ – 10″
  • Lay Flat Hoses: 2″ – 10″
  • Suction Hard Hoses: 2″ – 10″
  • Filter Units; Twin Pots, 5-24 Pots/Unit (Trailer Mounted): 4″ – 10″
  • Road Crossings
  • Remote Access Equipment
  • Power Spooler / Deployment System
  • Fluid Super Heaters; 11 MBTU – 40 MBTU, Propane and Natural Gas
  • Qualified & Experience Fluid Transfer Crew Members
Big Bear Energy Services Fluid Transfer Road Crossing

Cold Weather Pumping

As a result of working in the cold weather of Alberta and Western Canada,  some winter fluid transferring seasons can prove to be challenging. Big Bear Energy Services has developed their own heating system to be used with the water transfer lines. By using Super Heaters as well as Hermon Nelson Heaters during our fluid transfer services, we can ensure that our lines will not freeze, and the transferred fluids will arrive on location, and on time.

Big Bear Energy Services Super Heater

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