In The News – Diverting Treated Wastewater with Water Transfer Systems

Big Bear Energy Services Water Transfer Diverting Treated Wastewater in Sylvan Lake


Big Bear Energy Services helps the Town of Sylvan Lake

During the summer months of 2017 Big Bear Energy Services teamed up with the Town of Sylvan Lake to assist with diverting treated wastewater effluent. A temporary system was designed to help move treated wastewater effluent into Sylvan Creek and Cygnet Lake. This process utilized water from Sylvan Lake to aid the flow. Big Bear Energy Services supplied pumps and lay flat hoses for the use of transferring the wastewater.

The intent of the diversion was to help the downstream environment receive effluent from the lagoons. A temporary diversion license was issued to allow the diversion for just over one month.The levels and the conditions of the diversion were closely monitored under 24 hour supervision to ensure that all regulatory controls were being followed.

Read the full Sylvan Lake News article here:

Town diverts water from Sylvan Lake to help move effluent

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