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Big Bear Energy Services LogoBig Bear was founded in 2002, and has become a leading service company for Western Canada. Big Bear has adopted the philosophy of supplying the highest level of skilled, professional and experienced personnel to work with our customers to achieve the safest and most cost effective solutions. Big Bear is vastly conscious of the importance of environmental awareness and takes all necessary steps to meet or exceed regulations to accomplish this.

We believe in providing performance-driven, safe and economical solutions on any project we are involved in.

Our services are far superior to anything else on the market. With Big Bears advanced designs, commitment to health and safety, expertise in environmental legislation, and customer satisfaction guarantee we are the premiere choice for your project requirements.

Fluid Management

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Big Bear Energy Services - Water Transfer






Big Bear Energy Services offers a complete range of Fluid Management to customers operating in the Western Canadian Oil & Gas Industry. We offer de-watering services for those affected by flooding. We have taken the “Cradle to Grave” approach to Fluid Management. Click to see a list of our equipment.

Frac Fluid Super Heaters
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Big Bear Energy Services - Heater






Big Bear Energy Services provides its customers with efficient, professional and, experienced Fluid Heating Solutions. Heater sizes vary from 11 MBTU to 40 MBTU and we offer propane and natural gas fired units. Click to see the details of our Heaters.
H2S and Flow Back Treatment

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Big Bear Energy Services - H2S Treatment






The high pressure atomizing and ultrasonic injection systems can be used to treat H2S saturated produced water, oil and/or sour gas with or without the addition of the low pressure injection manifold. Click to find out more about our H2S and Flow Back Treatments.

Surface Equipment Rentals

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Big Bear Energy Services - Combo Unit






Big Bear is pleased to offer a broad spectrum of Surface Equipment Rentals. We offer delivery and pick up of all equipment as well as hot shot services. Click to see a detailed list of our rental equipment.