Big Bear Energy Services

Big Bear Energy Services is the leading service company operating in the Western Canada Oil & Gas and Civil Engineering Industries, as well as those located in Municipalities. Since being founded in 2002, we have completed jobs throughout the province, as well as surrounding provinces. We supply the best personnel and equipment to work with our customers, to achieve safe and cost effective solutions.

We take all necessary steps to meet or exceed regulations, because environmental awareness is important to our operations.

Performance-driven, safe and economical solutions are provided on all services we perform.

As a result of our team and operations, our services are far superior to anything else on the market. With Big Bear Energy Services’ advanced designs, commitment to health and safety, expertise in environmental legislation, and customer satisfaction guarantee; we are the premiere choice for your project requirements.

BBES Long Line Water Transfer Pump

Fluid Management

At Big Bear Energy Services, we have taken the “Cradle to the Grave” approach to our Fluid Management Services; from sourcing water, obtaining permits, arranging the logistics of the transfer, as well as heating and transferring fluids. We provide all aspects of Complete Fluid Management Services.

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Dewatering & Diversions

Our damming products leave minimal environmental impact, can mold to any terrain, are re-usable, and replace expensive labour intensive sandbag installation. These services are commonly used during emergency flood and spill control, and water diversion for construction site isolation.

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Emergency Response

Our crews can arrange equipment and manpower to be mobilized to location within 24 hours of being requested. Depending on the requirements of the job; water can be either supplied for firefighting, diverted for flooding, or dammed for property protection.

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Towns, Cities and Municipalities can benefit from our Water Mitigation and Control services during their planned repair and maintenance projects, as well as fluid transfers for sewage lagoons and effluent ponds. 24/7 dewatering and diversion services are available during natural disasters.

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Equipment Rentals

Big Bear Energy Services offers a broad spectrum of Surface Equipment Rentals. We offer delivery and pick up of all equipment as well as hot shot services. Rig in and out of equipment can be arranged, at your desired location.

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Super Heaters

Our fleet of super heaters are rugged and dependable, allowing us to demonstrate our commitment to efficient, professional and experienced Fluid Heating Solutions. Our super heaters provide a more effective heat transfer to the fluid, allowing us to complete the job faster.

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H2S and Flow Back Treatment

The specific needs of the customer and the specific concentrations of the well determines the flow back treatment or neutralization process that can be supplied for the application. Working with our H2S Service Technicians, you can safely remove H2S from your produced water, and treat the clean water so it is ready for re-use.

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